Chris Chappell and his puppet Calvin

Hi folks,

I am a former musician turned puppet builder and puppeteer.  I began my journey into puppetry in early 2013 as a way to express my personal views on YouTube on the channel Cannewsroom, without having my face on camera. I found puppets were a great way to express myself in a fun way. Puppets are just like musical instruments; each one is different and has its own unique personality.   Since 2013 I have learned a great deal about puppetry, learning about the work that goes into making a puppet and what makes a great puppeteer.

I developed these skills enough to start making a living with them just as I did with music. For the past few years I have been puppeteering for television, in commercials and in kid’s shows. I also won a commercial contest in 2015 using my puppeteering and video making talents. I was also awarded an artist project grant in 2016 to attend the 2017 Beyond the Sock puppetry workshop at the University of North Texas. After my work began to take shape I started getting requests from others who wanted their own custom puppets, so I began building for clients for use in commercials, promotional videos and just for fun!  Please take a look around the gallery if you need a puppet, and please check out my videos if you are in need of an experienced puppeteer or if you need both I can do that too. Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions, concerns or requests!

-Chris Chappell

I Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce The Biggest Rewards.

Video Reel

Here’s a brief video showing some of my work in kid’s programming and television commercials. This is just a small sample of my work and when it comes to puppetry the only limit is our imagination. Let’s work together to create something magical.


cute puppet

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