From our shop in Raleigh, NC Chappell Puppets has designed and delivered unique custom made puppets to happy customers across the country. Hand made from high quality foam, fleece, felt, cloth and synthetic hair our puppets are ideal for use in tv and film, or just for your own enjoyment around the house.

What Kind Of Puppet Do You Want?

If you can imagine it, Chappell Puppets can build it for you.  Need some inspiration? Visit the puppet galleries below by hovering over the type of puppet you want.


I build all sorts of puppets from fancy sock puppets to professional TV and film style puppets and the price is reflected in the amount of work, time and materials. The cost can vary depending on the style and size. Please have a look around and visit and like the page! More projects will be posted periodically.

People Puppets

Ever wanted a mini me or wanted to give an unforgettable gift. People puppets can be just that!

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People puppets are fun, visit the gallery

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Monster Puppets

Monster puppets are made just like most other puppets. They are built with quality foam, colorful faux furs, glue.

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Our monster puppets are friendly!

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Muppet Style Puppets

Muppet Style Puppets is usually the term people use to describe puppets that have the cute look and colorful skin tones.

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You’ll love our Muppet style puppets!

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Want A Totally Different Puppet?

When we say custom puppet design we mean it. If you’ve got something totally different in mind than what you see in our galleries, they by all means contact us. We love creative challenges and promise you’ll be happy with the results. Guaranteed!

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