Monster PuppetWhether you are here in Raleigh or across the country, Chappell Puppets can create a custom monster puppet to meet your specifications.

Monster puppets are made just like most other puppets. They are built with several types of quality foam, colorful faux furs, and glue. They can either have live hands/glove hands where the puppets hands are your hands and you are able to pick things up. Or they can be made with a permanent rod inside of the wrist with pose-able fingers to hold things as well. I also make the mouth plate as comfortable for your hand as possible.

Monster Puppet Design Gallery

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Bud and Nugget

Bud and Nugget from the show The Green Report on YouTube. It’s a show about legalization and education of cannabis.

monster puppet calvin

This is one of my favorite monster puppets, Calvin from the show called Calvin’s Corner on Since this picture was taken I have changed his nose. He is a glove hand/live hand puppet that means you can use your hands inside his hands to pick up things.

rollie the roach

Roach puppet. This puppet is made from quality antron fleece and foam. He has a control rod with triggers on the inside.

custom monster puppet

This is a custom puppet creature. He has a moving eyebrow mechanism.

Custom made chameleon lizard puppet

Custom made chameleon lizard puppet

Zombie puppet inspired by the walking dead

Custom zombie puppet inspired by The Walking Dead

cute puppet

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