two bird muppet style puppetsWhether you are here in Raleigh or across the country, Chappell Puppets can create a custom Muppet style puppet to meet your specifications.

Muppet Style Puppets is usually the term people use to describe puppets that have the cute look and colorful skin tones. They are sort of you every day familiar looking puppet from TV. They come in just about any color and I can also make a blank puppet for you to add your own features at home. That way you have a hand in the creative process!


Muppet Style Puppet Design Gallery

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A custom fish puppet

A custom fish puppet I did for a music store called Redphish Music, he is their logo/mascot.


tex a muppet style puppeet

This is Tex; he is a cute, fun hand puppet. I use him in the children’s Television.


A pink Sesame Street muppet style

A pink Sesame Street Muppet style bird I built just for fun.


Dog hand muppet style puppet

Dog hand puppet, made from long pile faux fur.


A red Sesame Street Muppet style bird puppet

A red Sesame Street Muppet style bird I built just for fun.


girl muppet style puppet

Pink girl puppet. She is a news anchor on a children’s television show.


Custom orange and green puppets

Custom orange and green Muppet style puppets.


Avenue Q inspired puppets

Puppets I built for someone who wanted Avenue Q inspired puppets.


Avenue Q style puppets

Avenue Q style puppets.


cute puppet

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